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February 17, 2016
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Able to lower cholesterol and blood sugar, useful to decrease blood pressure, after stopping smoking able to purify the body and contrast the increase in weight, able to decrease the risk of thrombosis and ictus, antifungal, disinfectant, helpful in case of acne.


The properties of garlic have been known since the time of Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, nowadays these properties have been confirmed by scientific studies. There are a lot of benefits from consuming garlic and they cover a broad range of effects. For example, by eating 1 slice of fresh garlic it is possible to lower cholesterol and decrease the risk of ictus and thrombosis because garlic favors the widening of blood vessels. Garlic helps also control blood pressure and the level of sugar in blood. Have you just stopped smoking? Then 1-2 pieces of garlic are useful in order to remove all nicotine in your body and contrast the increase in weight. The smell of garlic in your breathe can be solved by eating a leaf of mint or sage. If you are taking medicines to lower blood pressure it is better to ask your doctor for advice because garlic increases the action of those medicines and the risk is to exceed in lowering pressure.

Applied on the skin

Garlic can also be applied on the skin because it has antifungal and disinfectant power. Crush garlic and apply it on the skin with fungus, like foot, or with acne.

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