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Giant Sequoia, herbal medicine

Giant Sequoia, herbal medicine

June 26, 2019
Tonic action, useful in the case of osteoporosis, an aid to help fight depression, asthenia and lack of appetite in the elderly, useful in cases of benign prostatic hypertrophy, both in humans and dogs
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Giant sequoia, also called giant redwood or big tree, scientific name sequoia gigantea, is a plant belonging to the Cupressaceae family. From its young shoots a glycerine macerate is obtained, able to protect the tissues, with a stimulating action on the organism, a tonic effect but also antidepressant properties. Therefore, this macerate is suitable to be used as a natural remedy in case of fatigue, osteoporosis, even in menopause, apathy, loss of appetite and depression, even in the elderly. Moreover, the sequoia glycerine macerate also has a beneficial action in case of benign prostatic hypertrophy, it slows down the process, protects the urinary tract and counteracts the inflammations that can be linked to this condition (Natural Medicine from A to Z, Bruno Brigo). You can take the macerate in a dose of 50 drops once a day 15 minutes before the main meals for a month. In case of prostatic hypertrophy, you can also combine with giant sequoia the glycerine macerate of Ribes nigrum, which strengthens the anti-inflammatory action (Sorting Out Autoimmune Disease: Your Roadmap to Wellness, Naturally, Elena Upton PhD).

Sequoia, glycerine macerate also for the health of the dog

Giant sequoia in the form of glycerine macerate can also be used to prevent or mitigate problems of benign prostatic hypertrophy in dogs. For prevention, the dose of macerate goes from 10 to 40 drops, based on the weight of the dog but in any case always ask the vet to evaluate the case. The cure is followed for a month, after a pause of two weeks you can continue for another month. If the prostate is already enlarged, more treatment cycles should be done.

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