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In case of debilitated body, tiredness and stress ginseng has stimulant properties, energizing and tonic action, it improves memory and concentration, It helps to control the blood sugar, aphrodisiac properties
Ginseng is a plant from the Araliaceae family and is known for its stimulant, tonic and energizing properties for the body. Ideal against stress or in cases of debilitated and tired body, it helps the body to adapt himself, it fortifies the immune system and improves memory, reflexes and concentration. Ginseng has also an hypoglycemic action, which helps to keep your blood sugar under control, and aphrodisiac properties. You can find the ginseng as mother tincture, in this case you can take 30 drops once a day, or in capsules, the quantity in this case is two per day, but avoid the evening hours because ginseng can cause insomnia. If you suffer from diabetes and are taking insulin or if you have high blood pressure, anxiety and tremors before taking ginseng ask your doctor for advice.
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