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December 05, 2018
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Useful in case of arthritis, arthrosis and damages of the cartilages, able to soothe the pain and to increase the mobility, possible preventive role against arthritis

Glucosamine is an amino monosaccharide, a sugar, mainly obtained from chitin, a compound present in the exoskeleton of marine shellfish such as crabs. Glucosamine plays a role in the synthesis of glycoproteins that are essential molecules of the connective tissue, of cartilages and ligaments and, in the form of oral supplement, represents a remedy well known and used to treat arthritis, arthrosis and damages of the cartilages caused by injuries and trauma. The use of glucosamine results effective, since several scientific studies have demonstrated its benefits. For example, a study performed by University of Aberdeen, UK, and published in 2008 on the journal Health technology assessment has proven the effectiveness of glucosamine in order to treat the osteoarthritis of the knee (Black et al, Nov 2009). Another study has observed that the intake of glucosamine is able to soothe the pain and to improve the mobility in case of knee pain caused by arthrosis or trauma with consequent cartilage damage (Braham et al, Br J Sports Med, Feb 2003). Finally, the effects of glucosamine are registered also in the long term because, as a supplement, it results able to slow down, or even block, the progression of arthrosis (Matheson et al, Drugs Aging, 2003). Glucosamine is considered in general a safe supplement, however some authors report a possible effect on the glucose metabolism (Salazar et al, Arthritis, Feb 2014). For this reason, in case of diabetes or altered levels of blood sugar it is better to ask your doctor for advice. Another contraindication of glucosamine is in case of shellfish allergy, also in this case ask your doctor for advice. For what concerns how to take glucosamine, the dosage is 1500 mg of glucosamine per day, during meals, for a month, then, after a stop of two weeks you can go on with the treatment.

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