Grapefruit, fruit

Source of vitamin C and potassium, important to support the immune system, antioxidant, protection for the cardiovascular system proven by scientific studies, diuretic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory.
Grapefruit, citrus paradisi, is a fruit tree belonging to the Rutaceae family. Its fruits, always called grapefruits, are round with a yellow skin and a bitter taste. The pulp instead can be light yellow or even pink. In particular, from hybridization with blood orange you can get a fruit with a sweet pulp and a bright pink color. In other cases the pink variant has been obtained by exposure to ionizing radiation, for example the two cultivars called Star Ruby and Rio Red, in this case the pink color of the pulp has nothing natural. Like all citrus fruits, grapefruit contains vitamin C, which is found in larger quantities in the yellow pulp variant. Vitamin C is immune-boosting, accelerates wound healing and supports the body by helping it fight infections. In addition to these characteristics, grapefruit also provides vitamin A but also potassium, important for the control of blood pressure, and pectin, which is found mainly in the skin between the slices and is also a source of soluble fiber that helps reduce LDL cholesterol. Grapefruit is antioxidant, in particular the pink pulp variant has a larger quantity of these substances than other grapefruit variants and contains the antioxidants lycopene and anthocyanins. But grapefruit is also anti-inflammatory, it counteracts free radicals, aging processes and even some tumors, it is diuretic, protects the cardiovascular system thanks to its content in naringenin, a flavonoid that has an anti-ischemic effect. This last statement is demonstrated by a scientific study performed by the University of Pisa and published on the journal Biochemical Pharmacology. You can drink a good grapefruit and orange juice to increase the immune defenses in this period of the year when the flu is making many people sick, alternatively, you can add the grapefruit to your salads. However, grapefruit can interfere with a wide range of medicines, for this reason pay attention to take this fruit and always ask your doctor for advice if you are taking other drugs such as, for example, the contraceptive pill but also anti-arrhythmic drugs, medicine for the blood pressure, statins, anxiolytics because interactions can occur with serious effects.
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