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Greater celandine

Greater celandine

Remedy for calluses and corns but above all warts, anti-spasmodic properties useful against asthma and gastric and intestinal cramps, specific action on the liver against jaundice and other liver diseases, soothing effect
The greater celandine, also known as tetterwort or swallowwort, scientific name Chelidonium majus, is a medicinal plant belonging to the Papaveraceae family and characterized by small yellow flowers. This plant has antispasmodic properties that make it a remedy against intestinal and gastric cramps and asthma, in addition to this it is able to promote sleep by acting with a calming effect. But greater celandine is also known for its specific action on the liver, helps indeed with jaundice or diseases related to this gland. For external use, the plant is appreciated to treat eczema, corns and calluses and above all warts. Taking high doses or for prolonged periods of time may be toxic to the liver, so the advice is not to exceed with the remedy and always contact your doctor for advice. Do not use in children, during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Herbal tea for external use

Bring to boil a liter of water, then remove from heat and infuse a tablespoon of dry leaves for ten minutes, then filter and once lukewarm use only for wraps, do not drink.

Mother tincture

Alternatively, you can use mother tincture of greater celandine, 15 drops 3 times a day in a glass of water while for topical use three applications per day are required.


It is possible to use the plant's milk and apply it on warts, calluses and corns, try to apply a few drops three times a day only on the area that have to be treated to avoid irritations on healthy skin.
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