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Greek coffee

March 22, 2017
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Greek coffee

Drink rich in antioxidants and with less caffeine than coffee obtained by filtering, beneficial action on blood vessels and, more generally, on the cardiovascular system, improvement of the endothelial tissue and prevention of inflammations of the blood vessels, able to reduce the risk of diabetes and strengthens the immune system

The Greek coffee is an Arabica quality coffee, very fine milled, that is obtained through decoction, namely through boiling, and not, like the classic coffee, through percolation with mocha. It is precisely this different procedure that makes the Greek coffee a drink with less caffeine but more antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, important for health. It all started with a study of the University of Athens and performed by Dr. Gerasimos Siasos in order to shed light on the particular longevity and good health of the residents of the Greek island of Ikaria. The study, published in Vascular Medicine magazine has showed the role played by Greek coffee, drunk a lot by the elderly residents of the island, in the improvement of the endothelium, a type of tissue that lines the interior surface of blood vessels, lymphatic vessels and heart, and against inflammations of the blood vessels, thus preventing cardiovascular diseases.

In addition to this, the Greek coffee would be able to reduce the risk of diabetes and can also strengthen the immune system. The Greek coffee is prepared using the briki, a special brass pot with a wide bottom and narrow rim. You should pour water into the briki, a cup of water for each coffee you want to prepare, a teaspoon of Greek coffee for cup of water, it can be found in specialized stores, and sugar according to taste. Bring all the ingredients to boil on low heat, at this point it will form a foam, the kaimaki, that will give creaminess to coffee. When the coffee will rise towards the edge of the briki, this will mean that the drink is ready. Pour it into the cups and let it decant for a few minutes to allow the powder to fall to the bottom of the cup, the coffee should be drunk slowly and served with a glass of cold water. This process, developed in Yemen in ancient times before the introduction of the coffee filtering system, give us the possibility to extract from coffee more healthy substances than that obtained with the traditional filter system.

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