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Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt

July 19, 2017
High intake of proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, live cultures, low lactose content so also lactose intolerant people can eat it, helpful to regulate blood pressure, low sodium content, able to reactivate metabolism, against the sense of hunger
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In all the posts we’ve always spoken about plant-based yogurts. Today we speak instead about a particular yogurt produced from animal milk, gout, sheep but also cow, the Greek yogurt. This yogurt, thanks to its properties, is a very interesting choice as a snack or for breakfast, in fact it is rich in nutrients and has healthful properties. Greek yogurt differs from the classical one in its properties, in the production process and in the consistency, that results more thick and creamy. Greek yogurt is made with a longer fermentation and is subjected to a further filtering process than traditional yogurt. It is this process that makes the Greek yogurt so special and with interesting healthful properties. First of all the further filtering process eliminates most of the serum, that contains lactose and sodium, and leaves a higher content in proteins, even double than that contained in classical yogurt, while the fats are in a comparable quantity, but there exists also the Greek yogurt with less fat. Thanks to the high protein intake Greek yogurt ensures a sense of satiety, reactivates the metabolism, it is suitable for the diet of sporty people or for those people who have to face very busy days. Greek yogurt brings also mineral salts such as calcium, useful for the health of bones, phosphorus, potassium, important to counteract water retention and to regulate blood pressure, and vitamins, such as A and group B. Greek yogurt, thanks to live cultures, is able to regulate the activity of the bowel and acts against the abdominal bloating. In addition to this, thanks to the low content in lactose, it can be eaten also by people who are lactose intolerant and thanks to the low content in sodium Greek yogurt can be introduced in diets of those people who have to control blood pressure or against cellulite. You can eat Greek yogurt for breakfast, you can add to it for example a handful of whole grain cereal flakes, but you can also eat it as a snack or to prepare tasty dips.

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