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Griffonia simplicifolia

Griffonia simplicifolia

Helpful in case of mood disorders related to periods of stress, seasonal changes, sleeping problems, nervous hunger
Griffonia is a plant that belongs to the the species of leguminous and it grows in humid hot climates, especially in Africa. Griffonia results a remedy to treat disorders of the sleep, of the mood, but also of the appetite, according to several scientific studies carried out over the last 30 years about the active substance of the plant, the 5-HTP, the precursor of serotonin. Those who live in stress periods, with anxiety and depression, but also those suffering from insomnia or are following a diet to lose weight and want to control the nervous hunger can benefit from griffonia. You can find griffonia preparations in herbalist’s shops, try to take griffonia in capsules of 300-600 mg divided into two daily doses between meals, but avoid this remedy if you suffer from convulsions, psychiatric disorders or major depression, if you're taking antidepressants or other drugs with the same action.
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