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Energy for the body, toning and stimulating properties, helpful during stress, weakness and mental and physical fatigue, able to improve memory and concentration, able to speed up the metabolism, aphrodisiac
Guaranà is a plant originated in the Amazonian rainforest. Guaranà contains caffeine and for this reason it has toning, energetic, stimulating and exciting properties. It is able to improve concentration and to give energy in case of weakness, in addition to this the guaranà speeds up the metabolism and can be helpful to reduce the excess of body fat. For the same reasons it is better not to use guaranà in children, if you suffer from high blood pressure or hyperthyroidism or arrhythmia. Finally, the guaranà seems to have also aphrodisiac properties. You can take this plant in the morning before breakfast by pouring a teaspoon of guaranà powder in a glass of water or by taking a 200-400 mg capsule.
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