Vitamins and mineral salts, lower cholesterol, protect the heart and generally bring benefit to the muscles in general, energy and minerals to support the body during periods of stress, ensure a proper functioning of the nervous system and brain.
Hazelnuts are the fruits of the hazel. Eating a dozen hazelnuts a day is a snack with important healthful properties. This dried fruit is rich in essential fatty acids, important for controlling cholesterol levels in the blood, but contains also vitamins, such as B, which ensures the health of the nervous system, and E, which makes the joints elastic, and minerals such as potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, copper, selenium, iron and magnesium, the latter very important for the correct functioning and health of heart and muscles in general. in addition to this, the magnesium regulates the presence of calcium in the bones and, therefore, it is important for skeletal health. Hazelnuts regenerate tissues, contain flavonoids for the proper functioning of the brain, are beneficial to the bronchial mucosa and, thanks to the substances contained in them such as vitamin E and manganese, they also have a role in cancer prevention. Hazelnuts provide energy and have mineralizing action, for this reason hazelnuts are important to be integrated into the diet of those people who practice sports or during periods of convalescence or periods of physical and mental fatigue, for students who are studying for exams.
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