Refreshing action, vasoprotective, antiseptic properties, useful in case of cystitis or other urinary tract infections, diuretic properties, able to control blood pressure.
Hibiscus tea has refreshing properties and it is able to hydrate the tissues. This drink has also a diuretic effect, for this reason it is very useful in case of water retention and cellulite. Hibiscus tea has antiseptic properties for the urinary tract and can be used as a remedy in case of cystitis and other infections. Hibiscus tea is bright red thanks to the anthocyans that have also vasoprotective properties helpful in case of capillary fragility, varices and hemorrhoids. Since the diuretic effect and the action induced by the anthocyans hibiscus tea is also able to control the blood pressure. To prepare hibiscus tea boil one liter of water, remove from heat and leave to brew two tablespoons of dried hibiscus flowers for 10 minutes, then strain. You can drink this tea hot or cold. In the warm days or if you are at the seaside you can add to the cold hibiscus tea one small glass of pomegranate juice in order to improve the vasoprotective effect and to protect skin from the sun damages.
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