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Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt

Presence of trace elements, useful to limit the risk of water retention and high pressure, helpful to purify skin, remedy to get rid of cellulite
This particular type of salt is mined until 5000 meters deep below the Himalayan mountain range, for this reason this salt is pure, without pollutants inside it. Himalayan salt is completely unrefined and the quantity of sodium chloride is lower than that in other types of salt. On the contrary Himalayan salt contains also 84 trace elements not contained for example in the common refined salt. Among the minerals contained in the Himalayan salt we find also iron, that causes the typical pink color of the salt. Himalayan salt has an alkalizing effect and helps in case of poor digestion. Moreover, thanks to its properties, if used instead of common refined salt, it limits the risk of water retention and high blood pressure.
Himalayan salt can be used also to prepare a special face-body scrub. Try to mix two tablespoons of Himalayan salt, coarse salt for the scrub for the body and fine salt for the scrub for face, and vegetable oil, like olive oil, and massage this scrub on the skin. The scrub obtained from Himalayan salt is useful to purify and regenerate the skin but also in case of cellulite.
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