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May 21, 2017
Calming properties, useful sedative in case of insomnia, anxiety and nervousness, antiseptic and diuretic action against relapsing cystitis, healing and cicatrizing properties on skin problems, dermatitis, wounds, sores and loose skin, high levels of phytoestrogens important against unwanted effects of menopause, anticancer, digestive properties against gastritis
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Hop or common hop, humulus lupulus, is a medicinal plant of the Cannabaceae family. Hops, indicated by Saint Hildegard as a remedy against melancholy, are a basic ingredient of beer, they give it in fact the bitter taste, but in addition to this hops have also interesting draining, sedative, antibacterial and even anticancer properties, as reported in a 2016 study and published on the journal Science Research in Toxicology by a team of researchers of the University of Illinois. According to the study hop extract would show a protective role in breast cancer. Thanks to these properties you can use hops as a remedy in case of relapsing cystitis, anxiety, nervousness and insomnia. Hops also contain phytoestrogens that can help and alleviate menopausal disorders. In addition to this, because of its tonic and digestive properties, hop stimulates gastric secretions, improves digestion and also helps in the case of gastritis, especially if it has a nervous origin, by attenuating pain and stomach cramps. It should also be pointed out the healing and cicatrizing properties of hops that make this plant a remedy in case of dermatitis, wounds and sores. Strong doses can cause dizziness, nausea and headache. Do not use during pregnancy and breastfeeding and, in general, when you fear any effects of estrogens.

Herbal tea

In case of headache, stomach problems and insomnia, it may be useful to use a hop-based herbal tea. Heat a cup of water until the boiling point, remove from heat and add 5 grams of dried hop cones, let it infuse for ten minutes, then filter and drink up to three cups a day after meals.

Mother tincture

You can use hop mother tincture, 30-40 drops in a little water up to three times a day without food.

External use

In the case of skin problems or joint pain, you can benefit from the properties of hop by preparing a bath in which you have added hop cones. Alternatively, by preparing a highly concentrated herbal tea, it is possible to soak gauze and apply on the part affected by inflammations and muscle aches.

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