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Hypericum perforatum

Hypericum perforatum

September 11, 2016
Antidepressant and sedative action, remedy in case of anxiety, nervous breakdown, insomnia, cicatrizing and antibacterial properties, able to regenerate skin cell, helpful in case of psoriasis, wrinkles, wounds, sores, acne scars, remedy in case of neuralgia
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Hypericum perforatum, known also as St. John's wort, is an herb that can be found wild in the fields and woods. It has a powerful sedative and antidepressant action, according to scientific studies such as that published in 1996 on the prestigious magazine British Medical Journal with the result that the St. John's wort has an higher effect in case of an average type depression with respect to placebo. St. John's wort is also a good remedy for insomnia, anxiety, nervous breakdown or mood swings related to seasonal changes or during the menopause period. In addition to this, from St. John's wort can be extracted an oil which is applied on wounds, injuries, burns, sunburns, sores, psoriasis, but also in case of trigeminal neuralgia as suggested by the well known herbalist Maria Treben. Finally, thanks to the ability to stimulate cell regeneration St. John's wort results helpful also in case of wrinkles, scars and spots left by acne.

Herbal tea

In case of disorders of the nervous system, insomnia, but also neuralgia it is possible to prepare the herb tea by adding a teaspoon of St. John's wort in a cup of boiling water and leaving in infusion for about 10 minutes.


For external applications in case of neuralgia but also skin problems you can prepare St. John's wort oil: collect St. John's wort flowers and put them in a bottle without compress them. Put an oil inside the bottle, till flowers are completely covered, the oil can be olive, flaxseed, or almond oil, close the bottle and leave the whole exposed to sunlight for three weeks. Filter and keep in dark glass bottles.

Mother Tincture

50 drops of mother tincture 1-3 times a day with a glass of water for two months in case of anxiety, mild depression.

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