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Ivy climbing

Ivy climbing

Painkiller, remedy in case of all types of pain, anti- cellulite, it helps to make the skin elastic and healthy, shiny hair, remedy for toothache and tooth decay
The ivy climbing must be used for external application, indeed, if used internally, in large doses, it can cause poisoning. This plant has anti-inflammatory, anti-cellulite, anesthetic and pain killer properties. Ivy climbing can be used in case of pains, that calms, rheumatism and burns. You can use ivy climbing for a toothache, but also for ears ache or sore throat. This plant helps also in case of cellulite, by fighting fat, gives elasticity to the skin and reduces swelling of the ankles by improving circulation.

Against pain and rheumatism

In this case you can prepare a decoction or apply the poultices. For the decoction boil for a few minutes a handful of fresh leaves for liter of water, filter and let it cool and make compresses on the affected area. For the poultices apply a mush of fresh leaves.

Against cellulite

Prepare a decoction of fresh leaves (a handful of fresh leaves in a liter of water and let it boil for a few minutes), soak a cloth with the decoction and band the area affected by fat or cellulite.

For the health of skin and hair

Ivy makes the skin soft and supple, it can renew the scalp and make your hair healthy, shiny and strong. Prepare a bath by adding few leaves of ivy or rinse the hair in water where you left to brew some ivy leaves.

Toothache and tooth decay

Leave to brew four pinches of fresh leaves for liter of boiling water for about ten minutes, salt and use to gargle, do not swallow.
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