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Key lime

October 15, 2017
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Key lime

Vitamins and mineral salts, antioxidant properties, helpful to prevent kidney stones, acts against fats, protective role for what concerns atherosclerosis

Key lime, scientific name Citrus aurantiifolia, is a citrus that belongs to the Rutaceae family. This fruit, that is often confused with the lemon, is smaller than lemon and has a green peel. If we compare the key lime with the lemon, we can note that the key lime contains less vitamin C but more citric acid, that is very important in order to improve the digestive processes, to fight fat and to prevent kidney stones. Key lime is also rich in antioxidants, vitamins of group B and A, and mineral salts such as potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, copper and zinc.

In addition to this, a study, performed in 2013 by a group of Iranian researchers and published on the journal ARYA atherosclerosis, has focused on the role of both the juice of the key lime and its peel for what concerns the progression of the atherosclerosis. The results highlight that the peel as well as the juice, although to a lesser extent than juice, are able to increase the antioxidant power in order to prevent or slow down the process of plaque formation on the walls of the blood vessels. Finally, the key lime is able to keep under control the levels of cholesterol in blood.

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