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Kola nut

Kola nut

December 03, 2017
Improves the resistance of the body to fatigue, useful in convalescence, stress or period of exams, boosts the metabolism, helpful to lose weight in case of overweight or obesity, diuretic and digestive properties, helps in case of headaches, especially if connected to digestive problems, against car sickness and sea sickness
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The Kola nut is the fruit of several species of plants belonging to the genus Cola but it is also the ingredient of a famous drink known all over the world, the cola, although nowadays can be replaced by artificial flavors. The Kola nut is characterized by interesting properties, is indeed rich in tannins, caffeine and theobromine, substances that are released gradually and that are able to stimulate the nervous system, improve blood flow but also boost the metabolism. Therefore, the kola nut provides energy, can help in case of headaches, makes the body more resistant to stress and therefore can be used in periods of great stress, convalescence and exams also thanks to the fact that this fruit is helpful to fight physical and mental fatigue, improves memory and concentration. Since the kola nut boosts the metabolism it is also useful to lose weight in case of overweight or obesity. In addition to this property, the kola nut has also digestive properties and may be helpful in case of some symptoms related to poor digestion such as, for example, headaches or nausea. But the kola nut has also diuretic properties and results useful to counteract car sickness and sea sickness, in this case you can take the kola nut in the form of mother tincture or tablets 1 hour before the trip. Given the presence of caffeine, don’t use Kola nut in the evening, it is better not to take the remedy also during pregnancy, breastfeeding and in children. Ask your doctor for advice if you suffer from diabetes or hypertension. The kola nut can be taken as a mother tincture, 30 drops one to two times a day, or as tablets.

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