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November 02, 2016
Expectorant properties for coughs and bronchitis, regulates the menstrual cycle in the presence of painful and heavy periods, diuretic in case of urination difficulty and cystitis, able to soothe and help the healing process of wounds, sores and varicose veins, tonic for the body, a remedy in case of diarrhea
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Lamium, or dead-nettle, belongs to the Lamiaceae family, like other plants characterized by important healing properties such as lavender, rosemary, sage and lemon balm. Dead nettle, in particular, has astringent, hemostatic, expectorant, diuretic, purifying and tonic properties. It results very helpful to treat diarrhea, to stop bleeding and to heal wounds, but also for cough and bronchitis, it helps to remove impurities and toxins, it strengthens the body and can be applied on varicose veins, wounds and burns to soothe them. It is a help in the difficulties of urinating in the elderly or in the presence of cystitis and can be used by women who suffer from heavy and painful menstruation. Let's see how to use the dead nettle.

Brew for internal use

Bring to boil water, remove from heat and leave to brew for ten minutes a tablespoon of dead nettle per liter of water. Filter and drink from 2 to 4 cups daily.

Decoction for external use

bring to boil a handful of plant per liter of water, boil for a few minutes then filter and let it cool, it should then be applied on the affected part in case of wounds, varicose veins, burns.

Flower powder

Once the flowers are dried, you have to finely crush them, in this way you’ll get a powder that have to be applied on sores or wounds.

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