Diarrhea, help digestion, stomach cramp, acne, high cholesterol, detox the liver.
Lemon is a powerful fruit with detoxifying properties and alkaline effects, despite the sour flavor. And an alkaline body is the basis for a good health. In the following some easy and daily recipes with lemon are reported.

Drink 1

Squeeze half a lemon, drink the pure juice without diluting it in water. Useful in case of diarrhea.

Drink 2

Squeeze a lemon, dilute the juice in a glass of water at room temperature and drink. Do this before breakfast in case of strained liver or high cholesterol. This drink can also be helpful in case of acne localized on the cheeks.

Drink 3

Cut an organic lemon in half. It is very important to use an organic lemon because in this recipe you will use the whole lemon. Squeeze the two parts of the lemon in a pot, add the lemon peel and a cup of water and heat to boiling. Boil for 5 minutes, then remove from heat and let it cool down. Drink when it is warm. Helpful in case of stomach cramp and poor digestion.
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