Lemon, glycerine macerate

Lemon, or citrus limonum, is a tree belonging to the Rutacee family, probably native to East Asia. The juice and the zest of its fruits have always been appreciated to treat various problems such as bad digestion, diarrhea or high levels of cholesterol but a very interesting remedy is also obtained by the maceration of the bark of the young lemon branches. This glycerine macerate has anticoagulant properties and results able to thin the blood, for this reason it is useful for the health of the circulatory system and to prevent blood clots, increased levels of fibrinogen in the blood, tendency for thrombosis and use of oral contraceptives. You can take 50 drops of glycerine macerate of lemon once a day in a little water. Always consult your doctor if you are already taking anticoagulants..
anticoagulant action, able to thin the blood, beneficial for blood circulation, useful in varicose veins, tendency for thrombosis, increased levels of fibrinogen in blood
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