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Lemon verbena

Lemon verbena

Remedy for heartburn, indigestion and flatulence, antispasmodic properties useful in case of stomach cramps, but also asthma and palpitations, remedy in case of neuralgia and migraines
Lemon verbena (lippia citriodora), also called lemon beebrush, belongs to the vervain family, verbena officinalis belongs to this species too. Lemon verbena comes from South America but can also be found in North America and Europe, the plant is richer, in respect of verbena officinalis, in healing properties. Lemon verbena can be used in case of poor digestion, heartburn, flatulence. This herb results a remedy to treat stomach cramps, asthma and heart palpitations thanks to the antispasmodic activity and it is useful to fight neuralgia, headaches and dizziness. To take benefit from this plant prepare an infusion of verbena by boiling a liter of water. Remove from heat and add a couple of pinches of flowers and leaves of lemon verbena, leave to brew for about ten minutes. For a stronger effect increase the dose to 10 pinches lemon verbena, but in this case do not drink more than two cups a day.
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