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October 15, 2017
Diuretic and purifying action, useful in case of hyperazotemia, mild cholesterol lowering and hypotensive properties, action against cellulite, water retention and edema of the lower limbs, able to protect blood vessels
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Lespedeza capitata is a plant of the Fabaceae family native to the North America. This remedy, thanks to the flavonoids, is able to induce a deep and prolonged diuretic action that helps remove the nitrogenous wastes that are produced by the degradation of the proteins in the body. The plant has also a mild cholesterol-lowering, hypotensive and antioxidant action, moreover, it is able to protect the blood vessels from becoming fragile. Lespedeza acts against cellulite and edema of the lower limbs. You can take lespedeza in the form of dry extract, 1 capsule of 100-150 mg before breakfast with a glass of water. It is possible to obtain the maximum benefit from the synergy between lespedeza and other detox plants, such as orthosiphon, and use them together. If you exceed the doses, gastric and intestinal irritations may occur.

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