Lesser calamint

Lesser calamint

Digestive properties, calms intestinal and menstrual pain, remedy in case of flatulence.
Clinopodium nepeta, also known as lesser calamint, thanks to its very similar aroma to that of mint, is used to make meat and fish dishes more tasty, but also to flavor salads and vegetable dishes. This aromatic herb has also beneficial properties in case of digestive and intestinal problems. It soothes the intestinal pains and used as an infusion it is helpful in case of flatulence and menstrual pain.

Fresh in salad

You can add fresh lesser calamint leaves in salads and vegetable dishes like zucchini.

Herbal tea

Leave to brew for ten minutes a handful of fresh or dried lesser calamint in a liter of water, filter and drink up to two cups per day.
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