Lesser Periwinkle, mother tincture

Demonstrated hypotensive action, improves blood supply to the brain, useful in case of memory loss and high blood pressure.
Lesser periwinkle, scientific name Vinca minor, also known as dwarf periwinkle or myrtle, is a plant of the Apocynaceae family characterized by beautiful small, blue-violet flowers. As a remedy, the periwinkle has a proven hypotensive effect (Quevauviller 1955) thanks to a substance, the vincamine, which is able to lower the blood pressure and induces peripheral vasodilation. Moreover, this substance contained in the plant also has the ability to promote the supply of oxygen to the brain and thus improves mental processes. From the periwinkle a mother tincture is obtained, which is a useful remedy in case of intellectual fatigue and memory problems, especially in older people, and in case of hypertension. As for the dosage, an adult can take 30 drops from one to three times a day in a little water. Given the hypotensive effect, it is always better to avoid the do-it-yourself and contact your doctor to evaluate the treatment, especially if you are already taking medicines for the pressure.
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