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June 01, 2016
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Able to hydrate the body and useful against water retention, rich in antioxidants, vitamins and mineral salts, useful in case of high cholesterol by regulating the levels of fat in blood, protection for eyes and cardiovascular system, calming and sedative properties, useful in case of insomnia and stress

Lettuce can be eaten raw in salad, seasoned with olive oil and just a little salt. Lettuce is rich in water, for this reason this vegetable hydrates the body and is useful in case of water retention and the problems connected to it such as cellulite. Lettuce contains also anti-oxidants, vitamin C, E and carotene. These substances can be fund especially in the external and more green leaves and are important to prevent cancer and eye- and cardiovascular- illnesses. Lettuce contains iron, that results important in case of anemia, and folic acid, useful during pregnancy. Lettuce has also a calming and sedative effect, it contains a substance used since ancient Roman time that is useful to calm the nerves: for this reason lettuce becomes an important vegetable that can be eaten for the evening meal in case of insomnia, stress and anxiety.

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