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Digestive properties, useful in case of sour stomach, protective action on gastric mucosa, can prevent and heal gastric ulcers, anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties, remedy in case of cough, sore throat, can treat the herpes labialis, able to increase blood pressure
The licorice root has antiviral, anti-inflammatory, digestive and expectorant properties. For this reason licorice can be very helpful in case of cough, catarrh, sore throat and sour stomach. According to scientific studies, licorice is supposed to have a protective effect on gastric mucosa, by helping in case of stomach cramps and by preventing and healing ulcers in the stomach. In addition to this licorice seems also to create a protective film for the stomach with an important role in case you are taking medicines. Licorice has also laxative, diuretic, and detox properties, it protects the liver and, if you suffer from low blood pressure, it can increase the pressure. For the same reason it is better not to exceed with licorice, and if you suffer from high blood pressure it is better to avoid this root.

Herbal tea

In case of cough, catarrh, stomach cramps, gastritis or if you need the diuretic and detox action you should find a root of pure licorice, boil a little pot full of water, remove it from heat and infuse the root for an hour. You can add a teaspoon of honey or some leaves of mint.

Licorice root sticks

In order to treat inflammations of the mouth or of the gums you can chew a licorice sticks.

Pure licorice caramels

You can eat a pure licorice caramel after meals in order to have more energy and to improve digestion or in case of sour stomach.


You can apply licorice powder on the cold sores, this remedy can stop the problem.
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