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June 28, 2017
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Rich in vitamin C, able to support the immune system, mineral salts and antioxidants, purifying action, protection for the liver, helpful to prevent hypertension, gives fiber and sense of satiety, improves functioning of the bowel, helps keep under control the levels of bad cholesterol

The litchi, or Chinese cherry, scientific name Litchi chinensis, belongs to the Sapindaceae family, its fruits are berries with a white translucent pulp inside. In addition to having an exotic look, litchi is rich in vitamin C, ideal to support the immune system and to protect the skin from aging processes and solar damages, as reported in a 2016 article published on Pharmacognosy by an Indian team, 100 grams of litchi pulp contains infact 86% of the daily amount of vitamin C that should be taken with food. This means that 9 litchi fully meet the daily vitamin C requirement of an adult. The same study shows the ability of the litchi to protect the liver and to bring antioxidants. The litchi also brings vitamins of group B and mineral salts such as phosphorus, copper, magnesium, manganese and potassium. This fruit helps control the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and is useful to purify the body.

In addition to this, litchi is beneficial for the prevention of hypertension and the protection of the cardiovascular system, it contains important fibers to give sense of satiety and to promote the good functioning of the intestinal tract. However, there is something to note about litchi, a study performed by a group of virologists at Christian Medical College and published on The Lancet Global Health in 2017 has confirmed that in case of hypoglycemia caused by severe malnutrition the consumption of litchi, and in particular of a toxin contained in the seed, can be deadly to children, it is clearly an extreme case but it is our duty to report it.

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