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Vitamins and minerals, antioxidants against aging and cardiovascular disease, able to control cholesterol and blood pressure, ensures a good functioning of the intestines in case of constipation, it promotes relaxation, remedy to treat water retention
Mandarin is a fruit tree belonging to the family of Rutaceae. Its fruit, called Mandarin like the name of the plant, is rich in vitamin C, important to strengthen the immune system and to protect capillaries, but also vitamin A, B group and P, the latter helps in case of water retention and promotes diuresis. Mandarin provides minerals such as iron, potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, copper, magnesium and bromine, which promotes relaxation and is helpful in case of insomnia. The mandarin has also important antioxidants such as carotene and limonene. The limonene is found in the peel and results able to counteract the aging process and to reduce the risk of suffering from hypertension or of cardiovascular diseases. In order to benefit from the limonene you can use the peel of the mandarin, be sure of the biological origin, for example by adding it to tea, or grate it on salads or desserts. Mandarin is also a source of folic acid, important in pregnancy, and fiber, important for the proper functioning of the intestinal functions and to help to control cholesterol levels. From mandarin peel it is also obtained its essential oil, with the important soothing and anti stretch marks properties.
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