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Against constipation, vitamins such as vitamin A, B and C, mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium against tiredness, strengthens the immune system, the sight, the bronchi and the breathing, ally in case of overweight and obesity, it contains important antioxidants against free radicals and the aging processes
The mango is a fruit that grows in the tropical areas, it is very tasty and has important healthy benefits. The mango, indeed, contains vitamins, including vitamin A, vitamins of group B and the vitamin C, it is able to strengthen the immune system and it is important for the sight, the bronchi and the breathing. Mango contains also mineral salts, especially potassium and magnesium, in this way this fruit is very helpful to fight the tiredness. The mango helps to lose weight, by avoiding the formation of excess fat, and contains also antioxidants, such as the lupeol, able to cleanse the body, to fight free radicals and inflammation. Finally, according to a recent scientific research presented at the Experimental Biology 2016 conference in San Diego, the mango consumption may have beneficial and protective effects against certain cancers, obesity, inflammation and intestinal health.
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