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August 28, 2019
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Helpful in case of diabetes and impaired blood sugar, it provides all essential amino acids and conditional amino acids, iron, vitamin B2, antioxidants, fiber but, above all, proteins

Mankai is an aquatic, high-protein plant belonging to the genus of water lentils, scientific name Wolffia globosa of the family Lemnaceae. Eaten for centuries in South East Asia as a vegetable alternative to meat, nowadays this plant is one of the novelties in the medical field since, as shown by recent scientific researches, it is able to control blood sugar levels after taking carbohydrates.

Moreover, the intake of mankai has been proven to be able, in two weeks and in people with abdominal fat and fasting glucose above 110 mg / dL, to lower the fasting blood glucose levels measured in the morning, to reduce, in general, the blood sugar spikes that can be detected during a day and to bring a feeling of satiety as well (Zelicha et al, Diabetes care, May 2019). Mankai also supplies the nine essential amino acids, which are the amino acids that the body cannot produce by itself but have to be introduce with food. In particular, what has emerged from scientific research is that the absorption of these amino acids supplied by the mankai plant is similar to the amount absorbed after eating soft cheeses or peas with an equivalent protein content. But mankai is also a source of conditional amino acids, substances that the body can produce as long as the essential amino acids are in sufficient quantity, it also contains iron, vitamin B12, fibers and important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances (Kaplan et al, Clin Nutr , Dec 2018 - Yaskolka et al, J Nutr, Jun 2019). In short, mankai seems to be a real superfood, able to bring essential substances to the health of the body and to act by controlling and reducing blood sugar, thus proving to be helpful in case of diabetes. At present it is not easy to find this remedy, but start-ups and companies dedicated to mankai's cultivation are being established.

Therefore, it will not be difficult, in a short time, to find this plant so special and beneficial and to add it to culinary preparations and smoothies, as it seems that the coffee shop of Harvard University is already doing!

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