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Against hemorrhoids, laxative action, internal cicatrizing action, able to regenerate intestine, remedy in case of cough or respiratory tract infections, detox properties, helpful to lose weight
Manna is a sugary sap extracted from some types of ash and it is a typical product of Sicily. You can find manna in the specialized shops or online shops but be sure it is pure manna and not synthesized in laboratory. Manna is rich in healthy properties: first of all manna can regulate the intestine. Manna can regenerate it and it is very helpful in case of intestinal inflammations or intolerance and it has also a laxative action. Another property of manna is that manna has an internal cicatrizing action. This characteristic, together with the laxative action, makes manna a valid remedy in case of hemorrhoids. Manna has also expectorant properties and is useful to treat cough or other infections of the respiratory tract. In addition to this, manna can purify your liver and skin by removing toxins and helps to lose weight. You can find liquid or solid manna.

Liquid manna

In case of hemorrhoids try to take three tablespoons of manna before the main meals for a couple of days or until your problem is solved. In case of cough or respiratory tract infections take one tablespoon of liquid manna three times a day before meals. To purify your body or to lose weight try one tablespoon of manna at breakfast.

Solid manna

You can also find manna in crystals, add 10-15 gr of manna to a drink like tea, herbal tea or juice.
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