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Marigold infused oil

Marigold infused oil

Remedy in case of sunburn, dermatitis, eczema, acne and wounds, softens the skin and makes it toned, useful in case of wrinkles since it has an antioxidant action
Now it is the time of marigold, scientific name Calendula officinalis, that, with its wonderful yellow flowers that look like many suns, makes its appearance in gardens, fields and vegetable gardens. Marigold is not only beautiful to admire but it is also an indispensable ingredient for the beauty and health of the skin. There are several herbal preparations based on marigold, today we see how to make and use marigold oil.

Marigold infused oil, properties

Marigold flower extract shows anti-inflammatory, antifungal and healing properties, able to speed up the healing processes of the skin in case of wounds (Preethi et al, Indian J Exp Biol., 2009 - Okuma et al, Eur J Pharm Sci., 2015). Moreover, calendula flowers act by rejuvenating the tissues, they counteract the damage of free radicals, make the skin softer and more toned and help to soothe any irritation (Mishra et al, J Young Pharm, 2012). In particular, calendula has been useful, more than aloe vera, to soothe diaper irritations (Panahi et al, Clinical Study, 2012). But it is not only calendula flowers that have healing properties, the leaves are also anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial (Arora et al, Pharmacogn Rev., 2013).

Marigold oil, preparation

Collect the marigold, flowers, leaves and stems, and let them dry in the sun for a day. Then, cut the leaves and stems into coarse pieces and leave the flowers intact, pour everything into a glass jar and cover with a vegetable oil, like sunflower oil. Put the jar, covered with a gauze, in a double boiler and cook over very low heat for three or four hours. After this time, filter through a thin gauze in another glass jar, possibly dark or otherwise covered with aluminum foil. Leave to cool and then close. Store in a cool, dry place.

Marigold oil, uses

You can apply marigold oil on sunburnt skin, on eczema or wounds, acne, itching, dry and chapped skin, irritations, even if caused by diaper. This oil is useful in case of sensitive skin, chapped lips but also helps to improve skin tone in case of mature skin with wrinkles. If you like DIY preparations you can add this oil to your cream, serum oil or even lip balm. In the Video Blog section you can find some ideas and preparations to customize with the oils you have available or that best meet your needs.
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