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Diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, protection for the microcirculation, indicated to treat swollen legs, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, phlebitis, cellulite and water retention
Melilotus, scientific name Melilotus officinalis, also known as yellow sweet clover or common melilot, is a plant of the Fabaceae family with sedative, anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, able to protect the microcirculation and to facilitate lymphatic drainage. The flower buds are used as a remedy for venous and lymphatic insufficiency, water retention, edema of the lower limbs, swollen and heavy legs, varicose veins, phlebitis, hemorrhoids and cellulite, and even if there are still no studies about it, melilot is also applied to treat hot flushes in menopause. You can take the melilot as herbal tea or mother tincture. Excessive dosage or prolonged use may cause hepatotoxicity due to the presence of coumarin. Sometimes it can cause slight gastrointestinal upset. Avoid taking it during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Mother tincture

You can take 40 drops 3 times a day in a little water without food.

Herbal tea

Bring to boil a little more than one cup of water, once the water reaches the boiling point, remove it from heat and pour 1 teaspoon of melilot, leave to brew for ten minutes, filter and drink up to two cups a day against edema and water retention.
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