Digestive action, intake of live cultures for intestinal health, able to strengthen the immune system, energizing effect, source of protein, vitamins and minerals, helpful to lower cholesterol levels, prevention of diabetes type 2 and some types of cancer.
Miso is a seasoning used in Eastern cuisine. It is obtained from the long fermentation of soybeans in water and sea salt, hatcho miso, but sometimes the process is done by adding cereals such as rice, kome miso, or barley, mugi miso. Miso is cholesterol- and fat- free, it is a source of plant-based proteins, mineral salts such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, vitamins such as vitamin A and group B, it helps to fight the acidity of the blood by playing an alkalizing role. In addition to this, miso is rich in live cultures and, for this reason, it is able to rebalance the intestinal flora. Miso is energizing, improves digestion and helps to eliminate toxins that can often cause inflammations. Because of the content of lecithin, miso is also useful to lower the cholesterol levels. Moreover, according to a review published in 2010 on the scientific journal Nutrition Research consuming foods based on fermented soy would have a preventive role in diabetes type 2, then, another study published in 2003 on the Journal of the National Cancer Institute has been come to the conclusion that the frequent consumption of miso soup is associated with a reduction of the risk of breast cancer due to the high content of isoflavones, phytoestrogens that mimic the estrogen production produced by the body. Miso is used in place of salt and bouillon cube but be careful, do not boil it, otherwise the enzymatic content is lost. You can add it at the end of cooking, diluting in a spoon of broth.
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