Mugo pine

Anti-inflammatory effect, against infections of the respiratory tract, expectorant, can protect joints, useful in case of muscle joint, for serenity.
Mugo pine has a powerful anti-inflammatory power, especially for what concerns the respiratory tract. The essential oil obtained from mugo pine is used to treat all infections of respiratory tract and has expectorant and balsamic action.

Steam Inhalation

To treat diseases of the respiratory tract and to get rid of catarrh steam inhalation can be very useful: add to a bowl full of hot water some drops of mugo pine essential oil.


Mugo pine essential oil acts with an anti-inflammatory effect. For this reason, in case of joint or muscle pain try a massage with some drops of mugo pine essential oil mixed with sweet almond oil.

diffused in rooms

Mugo pine essential oil purifies the air, counteracts infections and stimulates serenity. To obtain these effects, burn 7-8 drops of mugo pine essential oil in the oil burner.
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