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Music, sounds and noise

Music, sounds and noise

Nature sounds, white noise and relaxing music, what do they have in common? According to scientific researches they act on body and mind with a relaxing and anxiolytic effect, by reducing the heart rate and anxiety, by improving the learning skills in adults and by helping babies fall asleep faster
A walk in the woods, in silence, surrounded just by nature sounds, a low chirping, the murmuring of the wind and the babbling brook. Or a cozy room in which a calming and relaxing music is rising. The sounds that surround us aren’t just a background of our actions and life but have a pivotal role on the mood, the concentration and stress. Nature sounds and music for meditation have indeed an anxiolytic effect demonstrated by scientific researches, as we’ll see in the following.

Nature sounds

Several scientific studies (Annerstedt et al, Physiol Behav, Jun 2013 – Arai et al, Acta Anaesthesiol Scand, Aug 2008) have shown that listening to nature sounds, such as a light wind, the flowing of water or birdsongs, is able to reduce the levels of stress, even if induced by external situations of great concern such as the waiting for a surgery. This statement is based on measurements carried out by the scientists that have analyzed the levels of cortisol, the hormone produced by the body in case of stress, and of salivary alpha amylase, an enzyme of digestion but whose increased production is considered a marker of psycho-physical tension. Moreover, for a faster recovery after a mental stress, such as, for example, an important exam, the scientists have observed that listening to nature sounds allows a faster recovery than chaotic noises such as crowded cities, traffic, even if these noises are at a low volume (Alvarsson et al, Int J Environ Res Public Health, Mar 2010).

Music for meditation

The music may have an anxiolytic and relaxing effect for the body. In particular, studies (Wen-Li Lee et al, Br J Radiol, Feb 2017) have observed that listening to such kind of music is able to lower the heart rate and to increase the heart frequencies in the region of high frequency, this is a very important result since it indicates an increase in the activity of the parasympathetic system, part of the autonomic nervous system and characterized by a calming action. The results have been obtained with a music with a calm and fluid rhythm, just instrumental and without lyrics and listened for 30 minutes every evening.

White noise

Scientific studies (Spencer et al, Arch Dis Child, Jan 1990) have demonstrated that white noise, that is a type of noise composed by different frequencies all at the same intensities and without a periodicity, may be a help to let babies fall asleep. Indeed, the scientists have observed that, in presence of white noise, the 80% of babies fall asleep within 5 minutes compared with 25% of babies who fall asleep in the same period of time but without white noise. Moreover, there is also the hypothesis, supported by scientific studies (Angwin et al, Sci Rep, Oct 2017), that listening to white noise may increase the learning skills in adults, especially when it comes to learning new words thus improving the lexical skills.

Relax area in app

And since we aren’t always able to have a walk in nature or have at our disposal a mix of relaxing music or white noise, the app has a new section dedicated to relax. Where you can listen to the gentle sounds of water, wind, fire or birds or you can dream with fascinating and calming music. You can also mix the sounds and create your perfect relaxing time.
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