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Natural beauty, how to protect your hair in summer

Natural beauty, how to protect your hair in summer

July 10, 2022
How to prevent hair from weakening in the summer. Here are remedies and habits to adopt to protect the hair, combat dry, brittle and frizzy hair
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In the summer, the heat, the sun, swimming in the sea and particular hair styling can put stress on the hair. As a result, at the end of the holiday we can be beautifully rested but our hair definitely not. The hair can be frizzy, fragile and with a tendency to break. Here are some little tips to take care of our hair even in summer.

Tips for every day

Our hair is flexible but, like everything, it has a breaking point. In particular, studies have observed that pulling hair excessively, for example always choosing hairstyles such as ponytails or very tight braids, can lead to damage and then breakage of the hair (Dias et al, Int J Trichology, 2015). Even washing your hair every day with shampoos that can be excessively cleansing and aggressive can cause damage to the hair. In fact, shampooing every day removes the protective layer of the hair made up of sebum. In this way, the hair shaft dries up easily, the friction between the hair increases and thus also increases the possibility of damage and frizz (Monselise et al, Int J Womens Dermatol, 2017). As for the shampoo, this product can turn out to be aggressive and not very respectful of the hair if it includes among the first ingredients substances such as Sodium lauryl sulfate that, compared to Sodium laureth sulfate, more delicate, tends to irritate the hair follicle (Monselise et al, Int J Womens Dermatol, 2017). Also be careful to comb your hair after you have just washed it, when it is still wet. In this case it is better to use combs with very wide teeth and rounded tips and not to start from the roots, but concentrate only on the ends to avoid breaking the hair and undergoing trichoskisis, which is a clear transverse fracture of the hair. Brushing to the roots is best done when the hair is dry (Monselise et al, Int J Womens Dermatol, 2017). If possible, also try to limit the use of a hot curling iron or a high-temperature hairdryer, which can "cook" the hair fiber and cause what experts call bubble hair. Bubble hair is the presence of micro cavities in the hair caused by the expansion of humidity due to the great heat, generally the threshold value is considered 170 ° C, released by curling iron and hair dryers (Monselise et al, Int J Womens Dermatol, 2017). As a result, these bubbles break the hair, making it brittle.

Small treatments, big benefits

As mentioned, washing your hair every day with very cleansing shampoos can weaken and damage it. However, sometimes, like when you are on holiday, it can happen that you have to wash your hair just every day. In this case, it is advisable to choose more delicate shampoos and, during application, indulge in a scalp massage to be performed with your fingers, gently, for a few minutes. Studies have in fact shown that a scalp massage performed every day for 4 minutes led, in just under a month, to an improvement in the thickness of the hair and in the blood supply, and therefore nourishment, to the hair follicle (Koyama et al, Eplasty, 2016). Then, to strengthen the hair, prevent and treat the loss of protein from the hair shaft, it is important to apply protective hairmasks once a week. Among the ingredients of these masks, keep in mind the importance of coconut and argan oils. In fact, coconut oil is one of the best oils for hair health, capable of penetrating the shaft and counteracting the loss of water and proteins, thus leaving the hair hydrated, strong and healthy (Rele et al, J Cosmet Sci, 2003). UV rays cause oxidative stress, not only in the skin but also in the hair. Well, a pre-treatment with argan oil has been shown to reduce oxidative stress in the hair and to prevent the loss of protein and therefore of hair strength (Sharifi et al, J Cosmet Dermatol, 2022). In a small bowl, mix two tablespoons of coconut oil, heated slightly in a double boiler to make it fluid, and one of argan. Moisten your hair and apply the mask, insisting on the tips and massaging the scalp. Cover your head with cling film and leave on for 30 minutes. Then rinse with shampoo, it may take two washes.

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