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Natural beauty, magnolia flowers, beauty flowers

Natural beauty, magnolia flowers, beauty flowers

April 03, 2022
Antioxidant and anti-aging action, counteracts dark spots and wrinkles, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, useful in case of acne
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Spring is heralded by the wonderful blooming magnolias. Fleshy petals, with soft colors ranging from white to pink and that release their sweet and fascinating aroma. These plants are not only beautiful and ornamental, but they can also prove to be precious beauty allies. In fact, as we will see, magnolia flowers protect the skin and bring important benefits to all skin types, both young and more mature skin.

Magnolia flowers and their cosmetic properties

Magnolia flowers, both in the form of essential oils and aqueous extracts, are appreciated for their important anti-aging and antioxidant properties, which help to counteract the aging processes, the signs of fatigue which can appear on the face, dry skin and wrinkles (Marshedloo et al, Nat Prod Res, 2017). Magnolia flowers contain valuable antioxidants from the lignan family such as magnolol and honokiol, which have an antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and relaxing action (Lovecka et al, Plants, 2020). In particular, magnolol has been shown to counteract the action of the bacterium Propionibacterium acnes, responsible for the onset of acne (Shen et al, Molecules, 2010). Finally, extracts of magnolia flowers were found to be able to counteract the formation of dark spots, caused, for example, by inflammation such as acne or by premature aging due to sunlight (Huang et al, BMC Complement Altern Med. , 2012).

Cosmetics based on magnolia flowers

As we have seen, magnolia flowers can prove to be precious beauty allies both in the case of mature skin, skin with dark spots and young acne-prone skin. Cosmetics based on magnolia flowers can therefore help to give the face a homogeneous complexion, to counteract the aging processes and wrinkles, inflammations of the skin, pimples and blackheads. So let's see how to make small and precious cosmetics with magnolia flowers at home. For example, you can use magnolia essential oil. Pure essential oil is very expensive but you can also find essential oils mixed with other oils on the market, such as jojoba oil. You can add a drop of this essential oil to your face cream and apply to the skin, it will also instill calm and serenity. Another idea is to prepare a relaxing bath, also useful to make the skin radiant and soft. In a small bowl, pour a glass of whole milk and add two drops of magnolia essential oil, mix and add to the tub water. Alternatively, you can make magnolia water, in the video blog section we show you step by step how to prepare it at home. You need about twenty magnolia flowers and half a liter of water. Clean the flowers with a cloth and pull off the petals. Bring the water to a boil, then remove from the heat and wait a minute. Pour the water on the petals and let it rest for a few hours, then filter and bottle. Store in the refrigerator for no more than a few weeks. You can spray on the skin as a tonic before applying the serum oil and the cream or you can use as a base to make micellar waters or creams. You can find ideas for micellar water and creams always in the video blog section.

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