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Natural beauty, sos sunburned skin

August 13, 2023
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Natural beauty, sos sunburned skin

How to make a face mask to treat sunburned facial skin, calm it and restore its hydration, elasticity and radiance

By the sea, in the mountains or even on the balcony of the house everyone likes to be exposed to the hot summer sun. The skin must always be protected to avoid irritation, burns and premature aging. Sometimes, however, despite all the precautions, there really is a need for an extra pampering, both to come to the rescue of sunburned skin but also to give a powerful moisturizing support, useful for reinforcing skin stressed by the damage of free radicals generated by UV rays. Today we will see what ingredients you can use to prepare a face mask that comes to the rescue of skin exposed to the sun.

Then, we will also see what is best avoided in order not to make the situation worse.

Skin in the sun, which remedies to prefer and which to avoid

Some ingredients, more than others, can be a valid help to bring relief to skin exposed to the sun. An example? Certainly, the cucumber. In fact, cucumber refreshes, nourishes and soothes the skin, attenuating irritations but also reducing the symptoms of sunburn [1].

Then, don't forget the benefits of aloe vera. In fact, the gel extracted from this plant is anti-inflammatory and healing, very useful for treating burns [2]. If you have sunburnt skin, avoid apple cider vinegar. In fact, apple cider vinegar, although antibacterial, if applied in excess or on sensitive skin areas, such as sunburned skin, can even cause a burn [3].

Soothing mask after the sun

So let's see how to make a face mask with the ingredients just mentioned to protect the skin after the sun. Blend about ten centimeters of cucumber. Pour the puree into a bowl and add a teaspoon of aloe vera gel and 3 tablespoons of a very thick yogurt, such as Greek yogurt, mix and apply to the skin for ten minutes. Yogurt helps restore the skin microbiota and increases skin elasticity, luminosity and hydration [4]. The freshness of yogurt also helps soothe sun-stressed skin [5]. The extra tip? You can use donkey milk. There are several donkey milk-based products on the market that you can use, or, alternatively, you can add it to the DIY mask you just saw. In fact, donkey milk is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, cholesterol and amino acids and is useful for lightening the skin, contrasting dark spots. Not only that, donkey milk has been shown to be able to counteract the damage induced on the skin by UV rays, restoring the skin barrier [6].

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