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Natural beauty, the beauty of the apple

Natural beauty, the beauty of the apple

November 19, 2023
Apple juice can become a valid beauty treatment, against photoaging, dark skin spots, impure skin and acne
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The apple is one of the most loved fruits, juicy, tasty and practical to carry with you. And today we will see that the apple is also an ally of beauty. In fact, tasting apples helps to detoxify from the inside, leaves the skin brighter and combats irritation. But the apple can also be used for external applications, just like a real cosmetic. In particular, in today's article we will delve into the beauty properties of apple juice. How many times have you bought a bottle of apple juice and then not finished it, leaving little juice at the bottom of the container? Here's how you can use leftover apple juice, we'll explain it to you in the next paragraphs, your skin will thank you! Just make sure the juice is organic, hasn't expired and that you've stored it well in the refrigerator.

Apple juice, beauty juice

The well-known herbalist Messegue recommends applying apple juice directly to the skin, in order to firm it and improve the complexion (Messegue, My herbarium). For its part, science has been able to demonstrate what had already been known to herbal wisdom and tradition. In fact, as emerges from research, cosmetics enriched with apples have shown a powerful anti-aging action (Palermo et al, Oxid Med Cell Longev, 2012). Not only that, apple-based cosmetic products prove useful in counteracting photoaging, which causes the premature appearance of wrinkles, toneless, dry and dehydrated skin and dark spots (Butkeviciute et al, Antioxidants, 2022). In addition, the apple also helps in wound healing, is hydrating and cleansing (Butkeviciute et al, Antioxidants, 2022 - Stojiljkovic et al, J Cosmet Dermatol, 2022).

Apple juice, DIY face masks

The simplest way to exploit the beauty properties of apple juice is to apply a couple of spoons directly on a clean face, perhaps with the help of a cotton pad. Massage for a few seconds then leave on for about ten minutes, then rinse and continue with your treatment. The extra touch? You can dilute the tip of a teaspoon of honey in apple juice, then apply the mask as in the previous case. Honey is antibacterial, thus helping in case of acne, it is detoxifying and purifying, improves the elasticity and brightness of the skin and combats wrinkles (McLoone et al, Cent Asian J Glob Health, 2016 - Kurek Gorecka et al, Molecules, 2020). To complete the beauty ritual, after removing the mask and rinsing and drying your face, you can apply a couple of drops of a serum oil. Argan oil is the product for everyone, it leaves the skin velvety and hydrated, however, in the case of photo-aging skin but also with blemishes left by acne, the advice is to opt for bakuchiol, one of the latest cosmetic discoveries.

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