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Natural beauty, the salt spray for hair

March 27, 2022
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Natural beauty, the salt spray for hair

Moisturizes and repairs, protects hair by preventing protein loss, nourishes and strengthens it, stimulates hair growth, regulates sebum production, soothes itching and irritation

Today we are talking about a two-in-one product, two uses for a spray. It is a cosmetic that is catching on all over the world, the salt spray. The fame of this product is due to its ability to give volume to the hair and create a wave effect like that you obtain by drying wet hair with sea water in the sun. But this spray is also curative, helping in case of oily and itchy skin, strengthens and repairs damaged hair and stimulates its growth. And the strength of this spray is that it can also be made at home. So let's see the benefits of the salt spray for skin and hair and finally the recipe to create one yourself at home.

Salt spray, properties and benefits

The salt spray we are going to make contains, as ingredients, pink salt, dead sea salt, lavender water, lavender oil and coconut oil. The pink salt contains zinc, which has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, useful for counteracting the irritation and itching of the scalp. Not only that, zinc also helps regulate sebum production [1]. The salt of the dead sea, being rich in magnesium, helps to counteract dermatitis and improves hydration and the skin's protective barrier [2]. Lavender, in addition to giving a pleasant fragrance and a relaxing sensation, stimulates hair growth [3]. Coconut oil penetrates the hair, repairs it and prevents the loss of proteins, giving the hair strength and health [4].

Salt spray, recipe and applications

You need 100 ml of lavender water, a teaspoon of pink salt and a teaspoon of dead sea salt, 1/2 teaspoon of coconut oil heated to obtain a fluid consistency and 5 drops of lavender essential oil. Briefly heat the lavender water. Add the two types of salt, coconut oil and essential oil, mix. Pour into a spray bottle, always shake just before use. After a bath or shower, pat your hair dry with a towel and spray the product on your scalp and lengths. Briefly massage the skin, then proceed with drying as usual. For a wavy effect you can create braids and let them dry in the sun.

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