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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 95, a treasure trove of beauty

December 03, 2023
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Natural cosmetics, like kings and queens Part 95, a treasure trove of beauty

Moringa oil is a powerful cosmetic known for centuries, with an anti-aging and anti-inflammatory action, it is useful for the beauty and health of the skin of the face and neck, scalp and hair

Present day, Tuscany. Archaeologists are working hard around the newly discovered Etruscan tomb in excellent condition. Finally, a passage opens and the chief archaeologist can enter, with the torch lit in his hand and his heart beating wildly. He is an expert in the sector but every time it is as if it were always the first time. It's magical to be the first human being to set foot in a place sealed so many centuries before. It is a woman's tomb, the chief archaeologist immediately intuits this, due to the fine decorations on the urn, the images of a goddess and a detail that attracts his attention, a box that has every appearance of being an ancient beauty case. An inscription indicates that the tomb belongs to Thana Presnti Plecunia Umranalisa, an aristocratic noblewoman. The chief archaeologist's heart beats even faster when he forces the case. Inside he finds small bronze rings, the woman must have been tiny, some tweezers for hair removal, demonstrating that today's problems are the same as yesterday's, two combs and... wait a moment, there is still something, a small alabaster ampoule. Inside there are traces of what must have been an ointment used by the deceased to take care of her beauty! What has been reported, somewhat fictionalized as our imagination inspired us, is actually a true story. The discovery actually took place, right in Chiusi, in the province of Siena, Tuscany, and the contents of the alabaster jar were analysed, revealing its contents, moringa oil and resins from Egypt (Colombini et al, Journal of Archeological Science, 2009)! Here, thanks to science, a small mystery of antiquity has been revealed. But why should moringa oil be jealously guarded in an ampoule as a precious ointment? Even in this case, science comes to the fore and explains the beauty properties of moringa oil.

Moringa oil, properties for the skin

Moringa oil is a particularly stable oil with an antioxidant action, thanks to its content of tocopherol and vitamin A and the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids in greater quantities than polyunsaturated fatty acids. Moringa oil is non-greasy and has an important antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory action, which helps to combat acne, blackheads, skin irritations, dermatitis and folliculitis (Zouboulis et al, Int J Mol Sci, 2023 - Choi et al, Biomed Pharmacother, 2016). Not only that, moringa oil nourishes the skin, leaves it smoother, brighter and softer and is useful in case of dull and dry skin. Thanks to its anti-aging action, moringa oil inhibits the action of free radicals and aging processes (Nadeem et al, Lipids Health Dis, 2016). Moringa oil is also useful for the health and beauty of hair, since it hydrates the scalp, strengthens hair, prevents split ends and reduces the formation of dandruff. Finally, one last effect, not known in ancient times as there was no need for this but of great importance nowadays, moringa oil counteracts the damage that pollution can cause on the skin, such as premature skin aging, increased appearance of wrinkles and inflammation (Nadeem et al, Lipids Health Dis, 2016).

Moringa oil, applications

As we have seen, moringa oil is an important ingredient for taking care of our beauty, useful both for the skin, for all skin types, and for the hair. In the morning and in the evening, on a damp face after rinsing it with water and drying it or after spraying floral water, you can apply a couple of drops of moringa oil on the skin, massaging until absorbed.

Then you can apply your usual face cream. You can also use moringa oil as a hair compress, massage onto damp scalp and hair, leave on for 10 minutes, then rinse. Moringa oil is found alone or mixed with other oils, which maximize its action.

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