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Natural beauty, Eye bags

Natural beauty, Eye bags

May 06, 2018
Small gestures to fight dark circles and bags, to improve circulation in the eye area and facilitate drainage of liquids
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Because of bad habits, such as sleeping with a too low pillow, but also because of genetic, metabolic or hormonal causes, we can find ourselves dealing with dark circles and bags under the eyes. What to do? We can take a moment for ourselves and put into practice some small steps to improve oxygenation and circulation in this delicate area around the eyes, both bags and dark circles will benefit. A good method consists in using a vegetable oil, like argan or calophylla, able to nourish in depth and improve the elasticity of the skin. Apply the product on damp skin on the part below the eyes (see the figure) and then massage gently by pressing the index finger from the inner corner of the eye, close to the nose, until the external part of the eye all along the under-eye area, repeat a couple of times. Then gently tap with index and middle finger on this skin part. Do not use essential oils to avoid irritating the eyes and pay attention that every massage should be very delicate in order to not irritate or traumatize this very sensitive area. If dark circles and bags persist, you can prepare a green tea in the usual way (1 teaspoon of leaves per cup, put in infusion when the temperature reaches 70° and let it brew for ten minutes, then filter). Soak cotton pads in this tea and put them in the fridge to cool them down. Then apply these cold disks on the eyes for ten minutes.

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