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Natural beauty, Hair

Natural beauty, Hair

May 13, 2018
For healthy, vital, shiny and silky hair without using products full of silicones, petroleum derivatives and too aggressive surfactants
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It is important to dedicate time to yourself, if only for a few minutes, but with all your attention in order to give importance to every gesture. In previous posts, we have already seen how to treat facial skin, and what about hair? A lot of products, shampoo, masks or conditioners, that you can find on the market are dedicated to hair with the promise to make your hair shiny and healthy. For what concerns shampoo the problem is that these products are often too aggressive, the proof is the abnormal amount of foam that is produced, the skin becomes depleted and the hair results dry, dull or it is possible to notice that more sebum is produced. What about conditioners or masks? They are full of silicones and petroleum-based ingredients that cover the hair and give the apparent impression that the hair has regained vitality but under this synthetic layer the hair is and remains damaged and this situation tends to worsen since there is no nourishment. A first choice could be to opt for eco-bio products, without silicones and petroleum derivatives and with more delicate surfactants. At the beginning, you may see a worsening because the hair is suddenly without silicones and the real situation comes out. The hair is undernourished and frizzy, not vital, but the transition period doesn’t last long and the benefits will be evident, with healthier hair, less dandruff and less sebum. One way to make the hair brighter and with only natural products is to make a final rinse with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Pour in a bow a liter of lukewarm water and add 4 tablespoons of vinegar, pour on the hair and do not rinse any more, this helps to remove the residues of limestone and sebum, makes the hair very shiny and soft and there is not smell of vinegar on hair! Another possibility for a great final rinsing is provided by the herbal tea of nettle. Bring to boil a pot full of water, when it reaches the boil remove from the heat and pour two tablespoons of dried nettle. Let it brew for 20-30 minutes, then filter. Use this lotion at the end of your hair washing, after shampoo, this will help nourish the hair, strengthen it and make it soft and shiny. Another small precaution that you can use is the massaging of the scalp. You can do these massages before the shampoo, in this case you can use a tablespoon of jojoba, grapeseed or argan oil and distribute it on the scalp, massage with circular movements, the purpose is to nourish and make the skin elastic, to activate microcirculation and to prevent hair loss. Then rinse your hair using an eco-bio shampoo.

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