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Natural beauty, How to hydrate your face skin Part 1, the plant based oils

Natural beauty, How to hydrate your face skin Part 1, the plant based oils

Plant based oils able to moisturize, protect and nourish the facial skin, that can be with acne, or with wrinkles, dry or irritated, the benefits are in any case
It is important to focus the attention on the wellbeing of the skin and on the ingredients of the cosmetics going beyond the brands of creams, serum and soap that often are very expensive but not really beneficial. On the contrary, some cosmetics may cause irritations, pimples and eczema because they use comedogenic ingredients that aren’t tolerated by skin. Today we will see how to hydrate facial skin, in a safe, cheap and efficient way. The purpose of using in the morning and in the evening the facial cream is to create a protective layer on the skin in order to hold the water, in addition to this it is also desirable to nourish the cells of the epidermis with vitamins, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. The lipids can do this. For this reason to moisturize correctly the skin you can prepare by yourself a product by applying plant based oils on your face. Pour some drops of oil on the hand, then rub the hands together in order to heat the product and apply on the cleaned face. The skin should also be slightly damp, for example, you can spray little thermal water or tap water in order to let the oil be absorbed. If you suffer from acne and are thinking that it isn’t a good idea to spread on the skin plant based oils, then you should change your mind because there are oils, such as jojoba oil, that, if used with constancy, are able to balance the sebum production and make the skin less oily. Jojoba oil is rich in phytosterols and is suitable for all types of skin, it is absorbed without any oily effect and moisturizes correctly the skin. Other very interesting oils that you can use are argan oil, rich n fatty acids and vitamins such as E and A, for dry skin or with wrinkles, for irritated skin or with acne. There are also the grapeseed oil, characterized by the presence of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, or apricot kernel oil with provitamin A. If you suffer from acne it is better to avoid extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil and wheat germ oil, that are better on the contrary for mature skin.
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