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Natural beauty, How to treat skin imperfections Part 1, acne and blackheads

Natural beauty, How to treat skin imperfections Part 1, acne and blackheads

How to act in case of pimples and black heads without irritating skin with too strong products, on the contrary, it is important to preserve the skin balance and to teach how to produce less sebum, for a healthier and more luminous skin
SIn previous posts we have seen how to clean the face, to nourish it, how to make the hair silky and glossy and how to tone the muscles of face. Today we will see what to do in case of imperfections such as pimples, back heads and oily skin. The basic idea is that we should not attack our skin with products that would only make it dry and irritated. Such a skin in fact may react with a higher production of sebum and other blemishes. Usually, what we think first when our skin is oily and with pimples is to make it less oily by using soaps with a lot of foam, but this makes the skin poor and causes more sebum production because skin want to protect itself. A good way to fight imperfections is to cleanse the skin in the morning with clay mixed with a little jojoba oil and water, in this way a soft cream is obtained and you can massage it on the face for a couple of minutes. Then rinse with abundant lukewarm water. In the evening you can use a biphasic micellar water, obtained with water, jojoba, argan or grapeseed oil, in the video blog section you can find some very interesting recipes. In this way you can remove the excess of sebum, the pollution and the impurities without drying the skin but, on the contrary, by respecting its balance. After the skin cleansing, in the morning and in the evening, you can apply on face a water of mauve, rosemary, lavender but also magnolia (see the video blog section for the recipe), that are all products with antiseptic and purifying properties. Finally you can apply directly on damp facial skin some drops of jojoba oil that is a non-greasy product and is also able to balance the production of sebum on your skin. A skin that functions properly is better that an unbalanced skin that should always be treated with antibiotics! And as a first aid remedy when a new pimples is coming you can apply, directly on the pimple and every 4 hours, a drop of lavender essential oil, that is very delicate, good tolerated and with anti-inflammatory action.
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