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Natural beauty, How to treat skin imperfections Part 2, couperose and acne rosacea

Natural beauty, How to treat skin imperfections Part 2, couperose and acne rosacea

How to take care of your skin in case of couperose, redness and acne rosacea by respecting the skin natural balance with products such as essential oils and vegetable oils
It is important to take time to dedicate ourselves to our skin, to choose the right products to apply on skin and to do these gestures with pleasure and joy because we are making a gift of beauty and wellness to our skin. Not too many ingredients but beneficial. And what to do in case of imperfections such as redness and couperose? These are symptoms of sensitive skin due to changes in temperature or emotions but also due to certain medicines or problems in the microcirculation. The skin responds to these stimulations with dilations and narrowing of small blood vessels. This, in the long term, causes a loss in elasticity of the blood vessels that become more fragile and visible and the classic redness appears. If capillary fragility causes broken blood vessels and an inflammation with pimples then the so called acne rosacea is occurring, which is different from traditional acne. However, it is possible to act from external to protect the skin from the aggressions and stimulations but also to strengthen the blood vessels by using vegetable oils and essential oils. An excellent plant based oil oil to treat couperose is the calophylla oil, rich in fatty acids, phytosterols and vitamins, is anti-inflammatory and healing, promotes circulation and has a regenerating power on blood vessels. You can combine it with jojoba oil to create a serum to treat sensitive skin, to nourish and protect it. As for the essential oils, you can use the cypress oil, which is characterized by an astringent, decongestant and fortifying action on the blood vessels. Another possibility is given by the essential oil of geranium that has a strengthening action on the walls of blood vessels. In the particular case of acne rosacea you can use the essential oil of chamomile, which is anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming.
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