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Natural beauty, little gestures to firm facial skin

May 02, 2018
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Natural beauty, little gestures to firm facial skin

Facial exercises and massages to firm facial skin and make the tissues tonic, able to promote microcirculation and to make the skin luminous

What causes wrinkles? Smiling, talking, wrinkling the forehead…are some causes, but there are also changes in skin due to aging that causes collagen degradation and the rest of work is done by gravity. As the years go by we can complain that the shape of face isn’t the same anymore or that we have sagging skin. What to do? Instead of buying a cream against wrinkles that can be really expensive and whose effectiveness is uncertain, we can do some gestures to tone and firm the muscles of face, that are about 50, but also to make the skin luminous and promote microcirculation. The idea is that you should dedicate to yourself a couple of minutes to make a massage or facial gym. The massage can be done when you apply on the face the cream or the plant based oil, in the morning and in the evening, in this way you can help also the optimal absorption of the product. Take a little product and heat it by rubbing your palms together, then apply the cream or the oil with the well opened palm by starting from the center of the face and go towards the external part of the face, until ears.

Then start from the bottom, where it is the jaw, and massage by slipping the palms towards the cheekbones. Finally, a little attention also to the neck, start from the center e arrive to the back of your head, repeat 2-3 times these movements. There are also some facial exercises. For example, to firm your face and counteract double chin, bring forward the jaw with the lower lip that is trying to get close to the nose, stay in this pose for 5 seconds, repeat then for 5 times. To firm the cheeks and the part around the lips a little yoga exercise is helpful, with pranayama. Put your palms together, like you are praying, at the mouth height but leave a distance from the face of around 30 cm. Cross the fingers but not the thumbs. The thumbs lean on the index finger so that there is a little space between the thumbs. Inhale form the nose and then blow air through this space, repeat for about 10 times, you can do this exercises also more times a day, when you have time! And to firm the eyelids and to fight crow’s feet? It is easy, press gently with the index fingers on the eyebrows and pull up, the thumbs are lean on the cheekbones and pull down. Try to close the eyes by counteracting the movement. Stay as much as you can in this pose, then relax, repeat for 4-5 times.

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