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Natural cleaning tips Part 3, how to remove limescale

Natural cleaning tips Part 3, how to remove limescale

December 26, 2018
White vinegar, lemon and citric acid are excellent remedies to get rid of limescale that is deposited in pots, in kettles, on tiles or shower heads
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As with beauty cosmetics for skin and hair that often contain irritating and even potentially carcinogenic substances, also the products dedicated to hygiene and home cleaning may contain risky ingredients for health and for the Earth. Today we talk about the limescale removers. Limescale causes unpleasant stains on surfaces and can also damage household appliances, however, in the case of limestone, prevention is very difficult, especially when the water that we have at home is hard, this means that it is rich in mineral salts. The only possible course of action against limescale is to remove it, for this reason you can find on the market the limescale removers. However, the problem is that traditional products contain descaling agents, which have inside acid substances such as hydrochloric acid able to dissolve the limestone but at the same time are very corrosive and in the long run may damage the surfaces. Moreover, traditional products are also dangerous for the health of eyes and skin, they must be handled with caution and if they come in contact with the skin they can cause irritations and burns. And when these products are associated with substances such as ammonia and bleach, which are found in many cleaning products, they react by releasing toxic gases that cause respiratory problems and nausea. Finally, traditional limescale removers are also very polluting for the environment, especially for the aquatic environment. But let’s see some, more natural, alternatives.

White vinegar

white vinegar is a valid help to remove limescale from pots, surfaces and kettles. For example, in case of limestone deposited in pots, coffee pots or kettles, you can pour a glass of white vinegar, a small glass if for the coffee pot, and warm water until the edge. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then shake and rinse with plenty of water. Then, to remove limestone from the shower head, you can proceed in this way. Boil a solution of 250 ml of white vinegar and 1 liter of water, remove from the heat and soak the shower head for about 15 minutes, then rinse and clean with a sponge. To keep the tubes of the washing machine clean, you can instead pour 250 ml of white vinegar into the detergent tank and wash at maximum temperature, you can take advantage of this and wash also sheets or towels.

Lemon and citric acid

Both the lemon and its component, citric acid, are excellent for removing limescale. For example, in case of limescale on the taps you can rub them with a lemon cut in half. Alternatively, you can prepare yourself a fantastic limescale remover spray, that can be used on surfaces such as sinks, taps or tiles, and results also useful to remove oily residues. Mix 75 grams of citric acid powder, you can find it in chemist’s shops, and 500 ml of water, pour all in a clean spray container. Always shake before use, spray on the surfaces and leave for a couple of minutes, then clean with a sponge and rinse.

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